Crossfit crazy and Paleo nuts

Over the past year I have been missing from the blog world. Well maybe not the entire blog world but I have not written anything here in about a year. All though I have loved to write and express myself here at A Wonkey Donkey I decided to take some time and better myself. Not just better myself but better understand myself.

So I joined a gym or Box, changed my eating habits, and all around cleaned up my life. Amazingly once you get started on these things it is hard to stop. As soon as I started working out at my box I realized it was not enough to sweat for 30minutes but I needed to eat right. Once I started working out and eating right I knew I needed to get my finances in order. Shall I go on… no for now that is where I am all though I know I am not finished. I wished I had cataloged my changes, actually let us call it progress, up until this point sadly I did not. It is interesting how we change in our lives and how we come to the conclusions we do.

So all in all here we go the beginning of the next chapter of my life. Crossfit Crazy and Paleo Nuts.

In the next few Articles I am going to bring you up to date on how I got started and where it has taken me.

I hope you all enjoy.


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  1. Pam E
    Jul 31, 2012 @ 13:08:18

    Ummm, paleo. Great paleo recipe – sweet potato salad. Try it.


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