Ha ha ha, sorry about that scare I gave you. I am just so excited that my favorite Holiday is just about here.
By the way I am Tabitha

Any way back to my favorite holiday, HALLOWEEN, I hope it is great this year all that candy. Yummy. My moms say my teeth are going to rot if I eat it all but that has not happened so I am not going to worry about it.

One of my Favorite things about this Holiday is the costume. My mom makes my costume every year that way no one will have one that looks like mine. We also make great treats so I can take them to school for my friends. I think this year I want to take popcorn balls. They are so good I love them. We make a sweet kind and a salty, I think my mom calls it savory, kind of popcorn. My favorite is the sweet but sometimes we do a taco popcorn that is great. We like to try all kinds of different flavors with popcorn some are good some are gross. My mom said that popcorn is great to experiment on because it does not have a lot of flavor of its own. The flavor it does have melds well with all kinds of other flavors. I wonder who a tomato popcorn would be. That just sounds gross and funny. When we are getting ready for Halloween we do all kinds of crafts and decorations and fun candy for the party. I wear the cutest apron while we are working on everything like the jack-o-lanterns. It is soooo cute I am going to put a picture at the bottom so you can see it.

My mom said when she was a kid she used to get lots of homemade candy at Halloween. I asked her why we don’t give homemade candy at our door. She said that people are afraid to let their children eat candy that is not prepackaged and sealed. I think it is silly that people should be so afraid. She said not silly just sad that people don’t trust anyone anymore.

Well as much as I love homemade candy and treats I also love to have a candy bar or sweat tarts.
ohhhhhh I am so excited. I have to figure out what I am going to be this year. I have not figured it out yet. I was a Princes last year and a Flower Fairy the year before. maybe this year I am going to be something scary like….. a witch or a goblin. I know Frankenstein bride ha ha that would be great. I would have to spray my hair black and have a white strip. Oh that sounds like a blast. That’s it Frankenstein’s Bride thanks for listening while I worked out what I should be. Wait till I tell my mom what I am going to be she will think it is great.

Well I had better go I am going to go out and play with a couple of friends. Ohhhh I cant wait to tell them what I decided to be. I am so excited.

Flower Fairy

Me as A flower Fairy

Flower Fairy

Me as A flower Fairy

This is my Apron that I use to make all of our candy.

Tabitha Apron

Tabitha Apron

my Jack O Lantern

my Jack O Lantern


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