Happy Birthday Shelly

It never seises to amaze me the fun that can be had when wearing n apron. Really you would not think that it would change the party at all. In actuality I always feel a little better when I wear one of my aprons. It is like the apron literally brightens my day.

another glass of wine

another glass of wine

A couple of nights ago I had a couple of people over to the house for my sister Shelley’s dinner. We were having a great time but it instantly got better the moment we got ready to start cooking. Shelley dawned a Gabriella which fit her to a tee. With its lace up back it was snug in all the right spots perfect for cooking in a sloppy kitchen, my kitchen tends to be just that while I am cooking. I decided to pull out an apron I have not worn in a while the Jillian. I love the wrap style so cute. Once we put our aprons on the party really started. we were laughing uncontrollably. Talking about pass silliness that took place. The time I wanted to get worms for my birthday too came up a couple of times. Mainly the question, why the heck would I want a bag of fishing worms, I have always hated fishing. Well, I never hated it I am not very good at it so why bother. I much preferred to lay and tan on the boat and talk so much that my dad would tell me I am scaring all the fish away. Well dad I say to bad ha ha ha.

We really had a great dinner with great food. The pork was perfect the mashed sweet potatoes were just sweet enough and the broccoli roasted with just enough sesame seed oil to add a great flavor. To bad we could not eat it all.

Way to much food

Way to much food

One of my favorite vegetables is Broccoli. So many people hate it but I really think it is done to over cooking it. I love to blanch the Broccoli then roast it with the oil. The oil really helps balance the flavors and bring out the sweetness of the Broccoli.

I really love having parties and cant wait to do this again soon. Great food, great friends, great fun. What else in this world do we even need.

Shelley birthday

Shelley birthday


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  1. Judy
    Aug 29, 2010 @ 23:13:59

    I agree, an apron does make you feel better when you wear it…it adds a little bit extra…some pizazz. Thank you for stopping by my blog and do come again. I enjoyed my visit to yours. oxo


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