Sophie Tablier

Bonjour, my name is Sophie. I am a cousin of Lillian’s and I asked if I could join here in the quest to beautify the work that all of us have to do on a daily basis. I am not sure how different we are from the USA I guess that will be up to you to decide. In many ways we are probably very much the same. Minor differences are probably what separate us. Some difference we have are that we like to shop everyday for our food that way it is very fresh. This is one reason that we have very small kitchens because we don’t store very much. I have seen pictures of the refrigerators in the USA and they are simple massive. We don’t need things quite that big here. For those of us that want things like that it really is not possible. Our homes are much smaller because they are much older and we just don’t have the space. Due to that, we get to shop more often. Not only getting fresh food but getting us out there to see the sights and smell the smells of our surroundings.

sewing with Sophie

sewing with Sophie

I am very lucky in the fact that my mom likes to wear me to go to the market. Another major difference is that we have to go to several different shops for one meal. I love to go to the Butchers shop because it is so wonderful to get custom cut meats, just the way you want it every time. The butcher we go to is a true artisan. Today we went and got a chuck roast with beautiful marbling that we are braising. I think you have special shops like this in the USA but people don’t utilize them as much as I think they should. My favorite shop is the flower shop. In the spring I love it when the tulips are in season. Life just does not get better than that. OK, there maybe one thing better than the flower shop, and that is the bakery when they are baking breads. Even when we are not going to the baker I love to walk near it just so I can smell the fresh bread wafting through the air. Speaking of smells wafting through the air the Pot Roast that we are cooking is making us hungry. Although we go into several different shops to get everything we need,they are located in one small square. Most of them are even attached to one another. So it really does not take very long to get what we need.

We are very lucky that although we live in the countryside we are close enough to the village that we can ride our bike in to do our shopping. Although there are many times that we drive into town my favorite is to ride in. It is funny to me that all though my partner is a young and beautiful woman she rides an old-timey bicycle and wears a tablier. I think she loves the feel of a vintage and more simple life. That is why she loves her life here in the french countryside. It is quite and simple, not much stress for her. When she does get stressed she loves to go in the garden and work. Although I am her favorite tablier she tends to not use me in the garden, thank goodness. She much prefers to use my friends and sisters Julie Tablier or Della Tablier. When she wants something with pockets she goes straight to Julie she has four huge pockets where Della does not have any pockets.

By the way, did I tell you what my mom does? She is a seamstress. And a very good one to. She makes her living mainly taking in pants and skirts or hemming a sundry of things. Her love is wedding dresses and other formal gowns. She is very talented. Many of the weddings in the past few years in our village have had brides that wore her gowns. She has many of pictures on the walls of the brides in their gowns. Some of those pictures are with here during a fitting and low and behold what is she wearing, me. She loves to wear a tablier when she works not that she gets dirty or anything. She like to be able to keep things close at hand in a pocket or pins that sometimes she pokes me with. Which by the way I do not like so much, being poked. She really needs to just use her pin cousin for that. Any way now that you have heard a little about my life you can decide for yourself if we are that much different. Au revoir everybody, hope you have a great week. My mom is going to eat and I am hoping she is going to spill a little roast and wine on me so I can have a taste. Au revoir.


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