Anabella and Bella Apron

Hey everybody it me Lillian Apron just thought I would stop by to introduce a couple of friends of mine. Anabella and Bella are they’re names and they just joined our family. I think I will let them tell their story. I best be going I have a Quiché to help prepare. So thanks for stopping by and we will talk later.
Anabella and Bella
Thank you Lillian for the introduction I am so happy to be part of the family at A Wonkey Donkey I am Anabella Apron and this is my daughter Bella Apron. What can I say about Bella… she has a very sparkly personality and is so wonderful to be around. She is diffidently a swatch of the old bolt. She has such a sparkly personality and her favorite food is cupcakes. Bella absolutely loves cupcakes, I think she would bake them morning, noon, and night. Her favorite is a Chocolate Apricot cupcakes with whipped cream frosting. They really are great and she even gets a little fruit with her cake. I guess the cupcake doesn’t fall far from the counter Because my favorite food is also cupcakes. I prefer my cupcakes to be a yellow cake with a cream cheese frosting with sprinkles.

So, I was asked to tell you guys how we became part of the family. It really is a short story, I will try to make it interesting. A couple of weeks ago our mom Alicia found some fabric at someone’s house. She fell in love right away. She knew she had to have it so she adopted us, brought us right home and started planning. Alicia thought long and hard about what she was going to do to bring us to life but could not put her finger on what the plan should be. Then in the middle of the night she woke abruptly and had to start drawing. Like a crazy person she ran to her drawing pad and started to sketch. An hour and a half later and several crumpled pieces of paper she came up with us and went back to bed. Well even though she had gone back to bed she could not sleep she was really wanting to start cutting the pattern and sewing us together. The next morning she woke up early and started her work.
making cupcakesSpreading our Fabric out on the kitchen counter doing a snip snip here and a snip snip there. All of the sudden we were all cut out and starting to feel almost whole. Miss Bella was cut out first then I got the chance to see what the plan were for me. I told Bella soon we will be whole and loved more than the love we feel now (if that was possible I don’t know). Well it wasn’t long for us to become just that, whole and truly loved by our mom and creator. Alicia says soon we will be adopted by a loving family and although we will be leaving her, she will love and cherish us for all time. Although I will miss Alicia and all my friends here I look forward to meeting my new family. I know that we will be loved and used all the time and I would not have it any other way. I think that we are going to go, I promised Bella we would make some Chocolate Apricot cupcakes.


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  1. Pam E
    Aug 04, 2010 @ 14:31:42

    I had a dinner party Saturday evening. Great fellowship – great food – great time! I wore Kelly while making the last minute preparations. Got lots of compliments. What a nice way to keep my clothing clean and still be fashionable. Thanks, Kelly!


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