Hey everyone my friend Lillian asked me to come by and introduce myself. Lillian is really great and so pretty, me on the other hand. Although I am pretty with all my rich deep colors, I am more of a work horse. Having four large pockets makes me so useful for anybody. By the way I forgot to tell you my name well it is Olivia Apron. Last week I was helping my owner in the garden, she really puts me though the ringer. I was so tired that day but had a relaxing bath afterword with some other friends. When we were in the garden we were planting some new flowers and weeding. Those weeds can really be pesky making everything look overgrown. I don’t like when things become overgrown, neat and tidy is where it’s at. That’s why I have so many pockets so that everything has a place. When we were digging in the ground to plant Petunias we saw so many creatures. Creepy crawly creatures, hip hoppy creatures, flying by creatures, and even a slippery slithery creature. Some wanted to land on me, some ran from me, some just sat and watched. I don’t know what all of them were but some were just plan gross. Thankfully my owner takes care of me and she would not let any get to me. At one point she actually screamed when we saw what she thought was a snake right next to her hand. She is so silly it was just a huge bullfrog. She then sat in the grass laughing at herself. That’s when she took her gloves off and put them in my pocket went in side and got some lemonade from the fridge. I think it was more than just lemonade because she spilt some on me and it tasted a little like coconut rum. When we were finished with the drink we went back to work and finished planting. The Yard looks great now all neat and tidy just the way I like it. If you are interested in the drink she made check it out on the recipe page. I best get going and will talk again soon. Bye

cooking in Olivia

anyone for lemonade


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  1. sample resume
    Aug 26, 2010 @ 13:13:12

    fantastic post


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